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HAEGARDA is indicated for patients 6 years of age and older. This means your loved one can live a full, happy life with HAE from childhood through adult years. You may be concerned about how having HAE will affect your loved one's life and your life. Many people find they can help successfully manage their loved one's condition by working with their doctors and live healthy, active lives.

HAE affects everyone differently

No two people are the same. The severity of HAE attacks, how often/where they occur, and the timing of attacks vary widely among individuals. The frequency of attacks can even change as a person gets older. Additionally, how people respond to treatment can vary as well, based on factors such as their weight.

Having HAE means your loved one will need to take a few precautions, such as:

  • Identifying personal triggers and symptoms
  • Always having an on-demand rescue treatment nearby
  • Working to reduce physical and emotional stress

Know the precautions and understand triggers of an attack

Some of the following may trigger an attack:

icon stress

Fatigue or Stress

icon accidental trauma

Accidental Trauma

icon dental

Dental or Medical Procedures or Surgery

icon fever

Fever, Illness, Infection

icon menstrual

Menstrual Cycle, Hormonal Changes

icon medication

Certain Medications

Caregivers need support too. Find resources here.

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