I am beyond grateful to know that HAEGARDA is there for me.
Machelle, HAE Patient

Stories from HAEGARDA Patients

Living with Hereditary Angioedema may mean making some adjustments and managing things a bit differently. Sometimes hearing someone else's perspective is all it takes to reassure you that you are not alone in this journey. See inspirational stories from HAEGARDA patients and discover their stories in the videos and quotes below.


"Don't let the disease control your life if you can control your disease"

Cheryl Patient Experience Video

Cheryl Patient Experience Video


"HAEGARDA prevents my HAE attacks and has made my life more manageable. I can go to work, and walk 10,000 steps a day without my feet swelling."

Alexa Patient Experience Video

Alexa Patient Experience Video


"It's important to me to prevent my HAE attacks because I'm a busy mom, a very busy wife, I have a job, I travel, I'm a patient advocate"

Machelle Patient Experience Video

Machelle Patient Experience Video

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Personal Stories serve as a powerful tool for raising disease awareness and offering valuable insight into the HAEGARDA patient experience. We want to hear from you!

By sharing your experience you'll offer other people living with HAE encouragement, assistance and advice by:

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  • Providing insights into HAEGARDA as a preventive therapy
  • Helping others to better understand and manage their therapy

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"I never realized how much HAE limited me until it stopped being a big part of my life."


"With HAEGARDA, HAE no longer writes my story. I do."


"For 40 years I lived with so many limitations. Until HAEGARDA. I’m still getting used to a new way of life."
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